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Heat stress is a common physical hazard in the mining industry, projected to increase in severity in the coming years. In many cases, heat-related injuries go undetected throughout a work shift. The risk of a heat-related injury can be exacerbated in older workers, individuals with metabolic or cardiovascular disease (e.g., diabetes, hypertension) and in those workers who must perform consecutive days of work in hot environments. Recently, the incentive to mine deeper has proportionally increased with the temperature of the ambient environmental conditions, and consequently, the level of heat stress imposed on the individual. Additionally, workers in the mining industry face a unique set of risk factors for injury associated with stress and overexertion, worsened during prolonged exposure to high temperatures and excessive fluid losses (due to sweating). This includes i) elevated and sustained central nervous system activation caused by performing high-risk activities, ii) rapid shifts from low to high levels of physical exertion, iii) carrying, lifting, operating and wearing heavy protective gear and equipment, iv) and others.

In order to better understand the impact of heat stress and heat strain in mine workers and to advance the development of heat stress management strategies to protect mine workers against the potentially harmful effects of prolonged heat exposure, we must understand the conditions and causes that lead to elevated levels of heat strain.

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