The City of Winston-Salem and the Fair Planning Committee is looking for public input on a new name for our fair that represents our key principles.

The Current Dixie Classic Fair Key Principles:

· Regional Reach - the reach of the Fair extends outside of the Triad to all of Northwest North Carolina and up into southern Virginia.  

· Agriculture - the Fair is an opportunity to exhibit, teach, and learn all aspects of agriculture in our region.  The Fair must maintain certain agricultural accreditation to maintain its membership with the NC Association of Agricultural Fairs.

· Educate- the Fair is an opportunity for all members of the community and region to participate in all aspects of learning and creation from all walks of life.  Showcases include but are not limit to: Quilting, Baking, Canning, Photography, Horticulture, Livestock, etc.

· Family Atmosphere- the Fair makes it a priority to include safe, fun, and affordable options for all ages and family sizes.

· Entertainment- new and constant changing entertainment is an important aspect of attracting and returning individuals and families interested in attending the Fair.

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