What is Engage? 何謂賽馬會匯創數碼計劃?
JC ENGAGE is an exploration program that provides experiential digital marketing and storytelling workshops, powered by industry professionals and workshop facilitators, aimed at staff members from non-profit organizations in Hong Kong. We also provide digital marketing tools and resources for organizations who are ready and committed to execute a digital campaign. With the help of professional and creative partners, we help NGOs increase their organizational profile and expand their reach.


In this series, you will: 透過數碼營銷系列,你可以學習: 
  • Develop a successful digital strategy 策劃成功的數碼營銷策略
  • Analyze your data and make data-driven decisions 分析數據並從數據中找出深入見解
  • Choose the right tactic to reach your audience 選擇合適渠道與你的受眾溝通
  • Create engaging content in an efficient way 以高效的方式製作引人入勝內容
Eligibility 參與資格
To be eligible for this program, the NGO must :
  • be a tax-exempt entity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong 根據《稅務條例》第 88 條獲豁免繳稅的慈善機構
  • have significant local services in Hong Kong 以香港市民為主要受惠者
Priority will be given to the NGOs who are:
  • able to form a team of 3 members 能派出三名員工以團隊出席
  • able to commit to all key activities 能參與所有活動
Language 語言
The workshop is conducted in Cantonese supplemented with English.
Reminder 提醒 
Implementation: If you win the award, the campaign development (Implement) work with the digital marketing agency will start by around 2 weeks after the pitch competition, lasting for about 4-8 weeks. 

實行: 如果你贏得獎項,便會在提案比賽後的2週,與數碼營銷公司一同展開營銷計劃,需時約4-8週。

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