Background Information

The purpose of this survey is to better understand your opinions about your health and the health of the Yolo County community. The results will help Yolo County Health and Human Services Community Health Branch, area hospitals (Woodland Memorial Hospital, Sutter Davis) and local community clinics support important community health initiatives and projects to improve the health of Yolo County residents. 

In order to participate in taking the survey we ask that you meet the following: 
* You live in Yolo County
* You understand that taking this survey is voluntary
* You agree to only take this survey once

We deeply appreciate your time as we know it is valuable. The survey should only take about 10 minutes. If you'd like to be entered to win a $30 Visa gift card, please fill out the last portion of your survey which includes your name and contact information. There will be at least 10 winners selected.

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* What city in Yolo County do you live in?

* How long have you lived in Yolo County?

* What is your age?

* Are you Hispanic or Latino?

* What race do you most identify with?

* What is your current gender identity?

* What is your sexual orientation?

* Which describes your current employment status?

* What is, or was your main occupation?

* If you are a student, which describes your current enrollment?

* Which college/university/school/program are you enrolled in?

* What language(s) do you primarily speak at home?

* How many people live in your home including yourself?

* What is your annual household income?

5% of survey complete.