DART is conducting testing for contactless credit card testing ahead of introduction to all riders in the spring of 2021. We need people to test as they ride and provide us ongoing feedback.

Primary benefits of contactless payments include:
  • Contactless Travel: Simply tap your contactless credit/debit card or mobile payment enabled device on the officially labeled DART card reader before boarding any bus or train.
  • Best Value: Our payment system will automatically deduct the lowest appropriate fare for your day’s travel. 
  • Fare Capping: System automatically caps your daily & monthly fare so you will never spend more than needed to travel. Once you reach the cap, ride the rest of the day or month for free!
The Compensation incentive offered to selected qualified participants will be lower fares for the testing period.

By completing the survey, you are agreeing to share your information with us to contact you if selected for participation in the test. Thank you for your interest!