Prepare to job search

General discussion between trainer and students regarding topics to date.  Understanding this sharing of information is networking.
Topic 1 : Discuss your experience of searching for jobs in SEEK.  What other platforms are available.
Topic 2 : Searching for a job is a full time job.  Discussion around what this statement means.
Topic 3 : Explain how you felt completing the three circles of contacts.  Was this helpful : did you feel foolish : are you nervous to use this to contact people re employment?

In Session 4 you will be asked to; 
-Job Search 2 jobs
-Develop a Cold Calling Letter for one of those jobs

The descriptor clearly outlines the format of the letter.  Importantly we are looking for the 3 paragraphs of text alerting the employer to why they should interview you.
These paragraphs will require:
Paragraph 1 : What type of role are you looking for
Paragraph 2 : What skills do you have to be considered for that type of role and include one or two examples of these skills
Paragraph 3 : Why you would like to work for this organisation referring to items from your research on the organisation

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