Peer Mentor Progam Overview & Requirements

The First Year Experience Peer Mentors are undergraduate students who are trained to guide students through their transition into college, create connections inside and out of the classroom, and provide foundations that will help our first year students to be successful. 

Peer Mentors are responsible for helping to make their students’ first year meaningful, fun, and informational by facilitating intentional conversations in the classroom and positive, social interactions outside of the classroom. Peer Mentors are paired with Orientation Team Leaders to guide their group through Welcome Week and continue to serve as role models, as they team up with FYE Instructors, to lead students through the first 10 weeks of school in a LAS100: First Year Seminar section.

Peer Mentors are required to take LAS 260: Leadership and Mentoring during the winter semester to learn more about developing leadership skills and how they can best support first year students. 

• Necessary personal characteristics for this position include: knowledge of campus resources, connection to and involvement with campus, appreciation of diversity, maturity, dependability, flexibility, good communication skills, willingness and ability to model appropriate behavior, maintain confidentiality, and mentor first year students.

• Hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 with the most recent semester GPA being no lower than a 2.5

• Adherence to the Saints Guide and Student Code of Conduct

• Interest in working as a co-facilitator with a First Year Experience Instructor

• Completion of the Leadership and Mentoring class (LAS260), offered WI 2017 on TR 2:15 - 3:30 pm