Baker Administration Proposes Medicaid Bailout Tax on Employers

Facing a $600 million healthcare budget deficit, the Baker Administration is proposing to resurrect and expand the old “fair share assessment” under RomneyCare.  The parameters look like this:  a $2000 per full-time equivalent (FTE) employee—with full-time defined as 35 hours—tax will be assessed on any employer with 11 or more FTE’s which doesn’t achieve an 80% annual participation rate in their health plan coverage, and which doesn’t contribute at least $4950 of the premium for their employees.
The Massachusetts employer community believes this proposal will hurt small businesses, because they tend to have higher premiums and higher deductible plans than do big businesses and big government which self-insure and cross subsidize no one outside of their own risk pool.  But large non-governmental employers also will be taxed for failure to reach the 80% participation rate.

In order to battle this job killing, anti-small business Medicaid Bailout Tax, please help the business community by taking this vital survey.  This will be absolutely confidential, but the data we collect will be important for our efforts up on Beacon Hill and in the public.  The survey will only take a few minutes, but your support will arm us in this battle.  Thank you for your time and important contribution to the survey!

* 1. Confidential Contact Information (optional)

* 2. I am a member of:

* 3. Type of employer

* 4. Number of full-time employees (35 hours per week)

* 5. Number of full-time equivalent employees (part time employee adding up to 35 hour full timers)

* 6. Number of locations

* 7. Do you offer health insurance to employees working 35 hours or more?

* 8. Do you offer health insurance to employees working under 35 hours?

* 9. Do you offer family coverage?

* 10. What is your current individual premium?

* 11. What is your current family premium?

* 12. What are your deductibles?

* 19. On a scale of 1-5, would the tax incent you to do the following:

  1 Not an Option at all 2 would not likely do this 3 neutral 4 would likely do this 5 I will absolutely do this
Contribute More to Premiums
Offer Coverage to Part-timers
Lower Plan Deductibles
Drop Coverage Entirely & Pay the Tax For All Employees,
Shift to More Full-Time Staffers
Shift to More Part-Timers,
Raise Prices
Lay-Off Employees
Close Your Doors
Shift jobs outside of Massachusetts

* 20. On a scale of 1-5, what are some of the reasons your employees decline your offer of insurance:

  1 This is Not a Factor at All 2 This is somewhat a factor 3 neutral 4 This is a significant factor 5 This is the Primary Factor
Premiums Too costly
Lower Cost Option with Spouse or Parent
Qualify for Taxpayer Subsidized Plans through Connector
Receive coverage through Medicare
Receive coverage through Veteran's plans (ie: Tri-Care)
I don't offer health insurance to part-time employees
Employees are uninsured

* 23. Please provide any additional comments below.