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Thank you for your interest in Arlington’s natural resources and for providing feedback on the draft Forestry and Natural Resources Plan (FNRP).
We’d like to know:
  • If you think the plan’s vision statement and strategic directions are on target,
  • Which action steps the County should focus on to support its forests and natural resources, and
  • A little bit about you!
We included information about the plan throughout the feedback form. You can also read the full draft plan here and provide comments directly in the draft.

Visit the project page here for more information about the process.

The Forestry and Natural Resources Plan, or FNRP, project was launched in the summer of 2020. It’s an update to the 2004 Urban Forest Master Plan and the 2010 Natural Resources Management Plan and will guide how Arlington County manages and cares for trees, plants, wildlife and more.

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* 1. How well does this statement align with your vision for the future of Arlington County's trees and natural resources?

The draft vision is:

“Arlington manages its natural and built environments holistically as an integrated urban ecosystem and seeks to provide abundant and accessible nature to all residents and visitors. From the wilder spaces in our parks to our urban streets, green corridors connect healthy forests and provide habitat for wildlife and respite for people. Arlington’s urban areas are enhanced with biophilic design and function as essential parts of the ecosystem, and our parks and other green spaces are managed to maximize their ecosystem value. The benefits of a healthy environment are available to everyone across the County, and Arlingtonians recognize that maintaining a healthy and thriving ecosystem into the future depends upon our collective stewardship.”

It does not align with my vision at all. Neutral It aligns with my vision perfectly.
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 2. Please elaborate on your answer to the question above.

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