We appreciate your review of the Prosperity for All Summit 2 report and your input, which will contribute to the success of the next summits and the shared solutions that will help those in poverty, the working poor and everyone in our community.

The Prosperity for All Summits 1 and 2 were held at the New Mt. Zion AME Church, 1401 Old Bainbridge Road on Thursday, April 11 and May 23, 2019. 

The objectives of this Kickoff Summit were to:

1.    Better understand the challenges of poverty and economic inequity
2.    Identify what is working
3.    Shape strategies for what more is needed, and
4.    Agree on next steps and responsibilities

The objectives of Summit 2 were to:

1.     Share stories from the frontlines of poverty
2.     Consider examples of some successful programs
3.     Craft strategies that work
4.     Discuss ways to coordinate and fund current and new efforts

Summit 2 began with a welcome from County Commissioner Bill Proctor.  He called on everyone to seek real solutions to the challenges facing those in poverty and the working poor in the 32304 Zip Code and all of Leon County.  City Commissioners Diane Williams-Cox and Elaine Bryant and Sheriff Walt McNeil also addressed the those gathered.

This Summit process is committed to listening to and responding to the needs of those in the 32304 Zip Code and all of Leon County who are struggling.  Eugene Mack, James Ollins and Latisha Berry each provided powerful testimony of their challenges and successes with the help of Ready4Work, Getting Ahead and other programs (see notes below).

Next, everyone worked at 10 different topic groups to generate strategies that will make a difference. After lunch, the groups reported their recommendations and everyone rated the acceptability of each strategy using this scale: 4 = Great, 3 = Good, 2 = OK, 1 = Concerned and 0 = Opposed. We encourage everyone to use this input opportunity to add your ratings of Summit 2 strategies and offer your comments and strategy suggestions for use at future summits.

Everyone enjoyed the breakfast provided by the Tallahassee Leon County Federal Credit Union, and the lunch by Piggly Wiggly.

These are some insights captured from the stories of Eugene Mack, James Ollins and Latisha Berry:

1. Help people make the choice to do the right thing.
2. Look at who loves you.
3. It helps to think about your kids and what is important.
4. Commit to making it better for your kids.
5. Take advantage of opportunities to build skills.
6. You have to want to improve yourself.
7. Get a job and live day to day.
8. Do more than survive, thrive!
9. Make affirmations and live by them. Fill yourself with positivity.
10. An empty belly cannot have high ideals.
11. See that everyone can be an asset to their community.
12. Address the barriers to success: requirements, fees, etc.
13. Have a microscope for the past and a telescope for the future.
14. Jobs need to meet needs or they will be supplemented.
15. Provide a support group!
16. Assure mental health issues are addressed, especially in the African American community.
17. Poverty is the root of not having.
18. A sound mind, full belly and a place to live are the minimum needs for success!
19. Getting ahead takes being fully awake. It is more than a box of food. Being fully awake opens you up and helps you network and take next steps.
20. Pastors and others can help and build trust.
21. Learn from our past, live in your present and plan for the future.
22. There is a greater plan for all of us