Nominations are now being accepted for the upcoming Council election, and will continue to be accepted until Friday, August 26, 2022. Voting will begin September 27 and closes on October 13. The counting of votes will take place on October 14. Newly elected Council members will begin their three-year term on January 1, 2023.

An election will be held for the following districts: 

District 1 - GTA Electoral District – 1 seat  
District 2 - Northern Electoral District – 1 seat  
District 3 - Eastern Electoral District – 1 seat  

In order for your self-nomination to be complete, you will be asked to copy and paste into this form the following items: a 250-word biography, a 100-word public protection statement, and a CV/Resume. Please have these ready before you begin the nomination form. 


College By-laws:

Question Title

* 1. I consent to allow my name to stand for election as a Council member for the District in which I am running. In accepting this nomination, I affirm my commitments to the Duty and Objects of the College and undertake to comply with College By-Laws, Code of Conduct, Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest requirements and any other such College policies that apply to Council and committee members.

Question Title

* 2. Please provide your contact information.

Question Title

* 3. Indicate the District in which you are running.
Note: No Member shall be a candidate for Council Member in more than one district during an election. By-law 6.04(2)

Candidate Eligibility

Question Title

* 4. Do you principally reside and/or practise in the electoral district for which you are seeking election?

Question Title

* 5. Is your Registration certificate subject to any term, condition or limitation?

Question Title

* 6. Are you in default of payment of any fees to the College?

Question Title

* 7. Are you the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceedings?

Question Title

* 8. Have you been disqualified as a Council/committee member in the last six (6) years?


Question Title

* 9. Please provide the College with a short biography that outlines your academic, practice and volunteer experience (250-word limit). Please note, if your biography exceeds the word limit, we will truncate the excess wording and use the remaining text.

Public Protection Statement

Question Title

* 10. Describe an experience where you contributed to protecting the public interest (100-word limit). Where possible, emphasize how you were able to create a space or environment for multiple interests or perspectives to be shared in a constructive and collegial manner. Please note, if your statement exceeds the word limit, we will truncate the excess wording and use the remaining text.


Question Title

* 11. Please copy and paste your CV/Resume into the text box below. There is no word limit for this section.

Review the following information on roles and responsibilities for Council and committee members:

Understand and fulfill their role:

• demonstrate accountability through decision-making in the public interest;
• understand the division of roles and responsibilities of the Council or committee and staff;
• identify and address conflict of interest situations;
• recognize and respect confidential information obtained in the course of College activities as required by Section 36 of the RHPA;
• maintain constructive, collaborative and mutually respectful relations with Councillors, committee members and staff; and
• maintain good relationships with members, healthcare organizations, educational groups and other stakeholders.

Possess the necessary knowledge:

• acquire and apply knowledge of Council and committee policies and procedures including relevant legislation, College values and strategic direction;
• maintain knowledge of College functions and issues facing Council or the committees on which they participate;
• review all material in advance of Council and committee meetings;
• identify information needed to enhance Council and committee discussions and decision-making;
• communicate concerns to Council or the committees on which they participate;
• communicate Council or committee decisions and rationale to individuals and groups as requested by the College.

Effectively participate in decision-making:

• arrange their personal schedule to allow attendance at meetings;
• contribute constructively to Council and committee discussions and decision-making;
• maintain positive working relationships with Councillors, committee members, and College staff;
• identify and attempt to resolve concerns with the committee chairpersons;
• if the committee chairperson is unable to resolve the concern, address the concern to the College President;
• contribute to decision-making by identifying to the Chair relevant expertise or contacts;
• respect the specialized knowledge and expertise of other Council members, committee members and staff; and
• identify issues to be added to the Council or committee’s agenda in a timely and appropriate manner.

Question Title

* 12. I confirm I have reviewed and understand the above noted responsibilities and expectations for Council members.


Question Title

* 13. I confirm that the information contained in this Self-Nomination Form is complete and accurate. I will notify the College immediately should this information change.