Application for WPATH Global Education Institute 2021

Hello WPATH Members,

We are excited to offer WPATH Members more ways to participate in the continued growth of the Global Education Institute (GEI) as we strive to provide enriching programs to our colleagues to enhance their skills, knowledge, and awareness in the 4 competency domains of trans/gender diverse healthcare.

In 2020, the GEI Committee and key volunteer leaders participated in a 3-part strategic planning process which was approved by the current Board of Directors. Part of this plan included a hub (now GEI Steering Group) and spoke (now called GEI Committees) model, to increase member engagement and involvement opportunities in GEI.

Listed below are the six (6) new Committees of the GEI Steering Group. Please see below for more information about the purpose/mission and structure for each committee. Each Committee’s Lead(s) will sit as a member of the GEI Steering Group, including in the monthly Steering Group meeting, to ensure all areas are involved in the continued evolution of GEI.

Global Education Institute Committees

1. Certification and Mentorship Committee
Led By: Lin Fraser, EdD, MFT + 1 Medical Co-Lead
Seeking Applications for 1 Medical Co-Lead and Committee Members

The Certification & Mentorship Committee is dedicated to ensuring that members meet/continue to meet the requirements to obtain/maintain their WPATH GEI certification. The Committee will review and monitor the mentoring process of members through their individual and group mentorship agreements.

The Committee’s goal also parallels GEI’s mission to increase access to competent compassionate clinicians worldwide. The Certification & Mentorship Committee will work to expand the GEI Certification program globally by making connections to/collaborating with providers and community organizations.

We are seeking applications from current WPATH GEI SOC7 Medical and Mental Health Mentors to work with the committee to continue to monitor and improve our existing mentorship programs and certification. In addition, we are seeking applications from current WPATH members who have existing ties to, or reside in, regions with little or no access to competent, trained clinicians.

2. Curriculum Development Committee
Led By: Scott Leibowitz, MD and Joshua Safer, MD
Seeking Applications for Committee Members

The Curriculum Development Committee will focus on establishing the core curricular components for GEI trainings about transgender healthcare. The GEI curriculum framework is based on a set of four competency domains that have global applicability: Patient/Client-Caregiver Relationship; Content Knowledge; Interdisciplinary Practice; and Professional Responsibility.

Committee work will include establishing objectives that map to the standardized competency-based framework such that essential content provided to attendees will  be consistent across trainers.   The Committee’s work will serve to assist trainers by maintaining educational resources.  The committee will also work to update core curricular components to remain consistent with the incoming SOC8 and with new literature in the field as it emerges.

We are seeking applications from professionals to represent multiple focus areas, including legal/policy/ethics, medical/nursing/clinical care, mental health, physical/occupational therapy, surgery, and voice and communication. 
3. Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement Committee
Led By: 1 Committee Lead, any specialty
Seeking Applications for Committee Lead and Committee Members

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement Committee will find creative ways to include marginalized or under-utilized contributors to the curriculum development and/or course delivery in every topic area. When programs are regionalized, the Committee will ensure that regional representatives are included and foregrounded in both program development and delivery.

We are seeking applications from professionals who have experience and/or interest in community engagement and participation and in advancing these efforts within GEI.

In addition, we are seeking applications from current WPATH members who have existing ties to, or reside in, regions with little or no access to competent, trained clinicians.

4. Faculty Development Committee
Led By: Ren Massey, PhD + 1 Medical Co-Lead
Seeking Applications for 1 Medical Co-Lead and Committee Members

The Faculty Development Committee will identify qualified individuals who are interested in teaching healthcare professionals to work with the trans/gender diverse community. Our goal is to increase faculty diversity of all forms (gender identity, race, region, age, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, ethnicity, faith/spirituality, and more). The WPATH GEI curriculum is the basis of the material that faculty use in their presentations.

We are seeking applications from professionals who have experience and/or interest in teaching, from the following areas:
  • Medical and Allied Health Professionals
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Voice and Communication Professionals
  • Legal and Policy Professionals
  • Members with Community and/or other Organization roles to build regional and global volunteer engagement and representation

5. Fundraising & Grant Writing Committee
Led By: 2 Co-Leads, any specialty
Seeking Applications for 2 Co-Leads and  Committee Members

The Fundraising & Grant Writing Committee will support and advance the interests of WPATH and GEI through generating additional revenue streams.  Our goal is to create a long-term, sustainable platform to further the Association’s educational goals and objectives by seeking funding opportunities and preparing/reviewing grant applications. The committee will develop boilerplate language on behalf of WPATH/GEI to facilitate funding opportunities.

We are seeking applications from members with experience and/or interest in fundraising and grant writing. 

6. Global Outreach Committee
Led By: Gail Knudson, MD, FRCP, MEd
Not seeking applications at this time

The Global Outreach committee will consist of representatives from WPATH’s global partners, such as ISSM, WAS, IPPF, etc. The Committee will collaborate with global professional organizations to form partnerships to increase access to training and access to care for T/GD individuals worldwide.

The Global Outreach committee is not seeking member applications at this time; committee member positions will be filled by invited representatives from WPATH’s global partners.
GEI Committee Terms and Rotation (terms begin November 1, 2021)

  • Committee Members – Members will serve a 2 or 3-year term, to be determined by the GEI Steering Group. Members will be notified of their term upon notice of appointment. Members will be eligible to apply for a second term.
  • Committee Leads – Leads will serve a 2-year term and will be eligible to apply for a second term. Leads are eligible to apply for the Global Education Institute Co-Chair position, when available.
  • Steering Group Members – The GEI Steering Group will be made up of the Committee Leads and will serve on the steering group for the duration of their committee lead term.
  • GEI Co-Chairs – Co-Chairs will serve a 3-year term and are eligible to serve a second term. Mental Health and Medical Co-Chairs will not conclude their term in the same year. GEI Co-Chairs will be chosen by the GEI Steering Group from among its members. Beginning in 2021, GEI Co-Chairs will receive a modest annual stipend to recognize their substantial time spent to execute the work required of this position.

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