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* 1. West Coast Council is currently in the process of creating a Stormwater System Management Plan, as per the guidelines of the Under the Urban Drainage Act 2013; each Council in Tasmania is required to have in place a Stormwater System Management Plan (SSMP) for their municipality(s).  SSMPs are designed to capture current data around stormwater infrastructure and model it against a worst-case scenario i.e.: a 1-in-100-year flood event, to see if the infrastructure would function under these conditions, or if stronger infrastructure is required. 

Council have engaged Pitt and Sherry to undertake this research, which will include 3D flood modelling simulation and using LiDAR.

Council is aware that there are many areas across the West Coast that have issues either with open drains, or connections, and whilst these issues are important we would rather you use Council’s Customer Request system to notify us of these issues here.  

The information required for this plan is about localised flooding, and as half of our municipality is bordered by ocean and there are several hundred rivers also flowing in the area, we require historic information to ensure the right data is being collected.

Information could include events like:

·         flash flooding

·         river flooding

·         king tides

·         uncommon weather events (higher rain than usual, wind events etc.)

The results of the survey will be made known in the final version of the SSMP.

We encourage you to complete this survey and share any stories about flooding events that have affected you or your business on the West Coast.  This information, in conjunction with the work Pitt and Sherry undertake, will be used to form Council’s SSMP.

Please confirm you understand the above to continue.