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Parent Satisfaction Survey

East Central Alberta Catholic School Division asks our parents to complete this survey. Your response is vital because we want to hear your voice. Your responses help guide us in making our schools places of excellence. Please provide honest feedback so we can understand what matters most to you. This report displays the results of each survey-based performance measure for each local goal, outcome, and priority in the education plan. Surveys are conducted in the spring of each school year, and the Division and schools use this information to identify local goals, strategies, and performance measures as a part of the Assurance model framework. Surveys were conducted with the following groups:

• Students in Grades 4-6 and Grades 7-12

• Parents of students in all grades

• Parents with students receiving special education services

• Teaching and support staff

The Alberta Assurance model provides the framework for education plan alignment at the jurisdiction and school levels. The goals and related outcomes from the provincial three-year plan for learning are listed below:

Domain One: Quality Catholic Education

Domain Two: Student Growth & Achievement

Goal Three: Teaching & Leading

Goal Four: Learning Supports

Goal Five: Governance

Goal Six: Local Societal Context

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