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Illinois Central College, Bradley University, and Eureka College have teamed to design the Hired! IT Workforce Accelerator project. This project represents a collaboration of industry partners and community-based organizations throughout the Central Illinois region. Our proposed project will be submitted for a federal Good Jobs Challenge grant opportunity, with awards ranging from $5 million to $25 million. This grant is funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA).

The Hired! IT Workforce Accelerator project will create industry-driven IT credential programs to address IT workforce shortages in our region. These programs will be delivered in bootcamp-style cohorts to allow participants to complete a credential and enter a new IT job rapidly. The programs will serve:
  1. Individuals who are currently uncredentialed, such as dual-enrolled high school students, new high school graduates, and uncredentialed adults;
  2. Career-changers who already have a college degree but are seeking a new career in IT; and
  3. IT incumbent workers who will upskill for promotional opportunities within the company. Their vacated jobs can then be backfilled with newly credentialed program participants.

This multi-million dollar grant will provide an economic boost to Central Illinois, as we grow a skilled IT workforce across the talent pipeline. Training and wrap-around services will be provided at no cost to participant cohorts. The grant focuses on industry-driven workforce development; and credential programs will be based on Central Illinois industry needs. With this model, participating companies will be required to make commitments to hire a specific number of credential completers, as determined by the company, based on the company's need.

Please complete this survey. Your input will be instrumental in shaping the Hired! IT Workforce Accelerator project. Specifically, we wish to learn about your current and future IT workforce needs. This information will enable us to design credential programs that match the IT skill sets needed by your company. Also, we ask that you please email this survey link to other companies that you believe may be interested in the project. Thank you!

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* 3. To what extent do you agree with the following statement?
"At my company, job openings in this area are challenging to fill."

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Help Desk Technician
Computer Support Specialist
Networking Specialist/Administrator
Computer Programmer
Software Developer
Web Developer
Computer Systems Analyst
Management Analyst
Information Security Analyst
Database Administrator/Architect
Data Scientist
Health Information Technologist
Other (please specify in space below)

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* 4. Approximately how many job openings do you anticipate for each of the following at your company in the coming year?
(Job openings may be related to employee turnover, retirement, or new job creation. If it is difficult to project job openings for the coming year, please indicate the number of job openings within the past year.)

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