1. Supporting Families Living with Mental Illness: Register Your Interest in leading a network

Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN) networks provide a forum for a variety of clinicians engaged in providing mental health services to get together, build relationships, exchange knowledge and share experiences.

Networks often draw together those who have a shared area of interest, such as supporting families living with mental illness.

Starting a network with a focus supporting families who are living with mental illness can help:
 foster a collaborative approach that directly benefits families
 strengthen professional relationships and enhance referral pathways between local practitioners and services, and
 increase awareness of the relevant issues amongst a range of clinicians.

If you are interested in starting a network, you’ll be supported the whole way. During start up and throughout the life of the network, the network as a group and its leader will have access to a team of professionals who will help by providing administration assistance, funding, advice and a range of tools and resources that will make running the network meetings easy.

To register your interest in starting a network with a focus on supporting families living with mental illness, please click next to provide your details and an MHPN project officer will be in touch to help make it happen.