1. Diversity, Safety and Inclusion in Peterborough, Lakefield and Cavan Monaghan.

The Peterborough Police Service wants to better understand issues related to diversity, inclusion and safety in the three jurisdictions we serve; Peterborough, Lakefield and Cavan Monaghan.

This survey is anonymous. You do not have to identify yourself. We know that not everyone wants to report directly to police and so we need this survey to help us. Especially if you have experienced or witnessed an incident in our region motivated by bias, prejudice or hate, based on: race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, language, or any other similar factor. We want to know about your experience whether or not you think the incident was criminal in nature and regardless of whether or not police were involved.

The survey is being conducted by Peterborough Police Service Community Development Coordinator Peter Williams. Peter is a civilian member of the Service and is, in part, responsible for ensuring effective partnerships as well as community engagement and relations. The survey data will be analyzed by Mr. Williams. To assure confidentiality, the individual surveys will not be shared. Only rolled-up/collated data will be shared with police and public groups for the purpose of training and education. These groups may include the Peterborough Police Services Board, Police Administration, and Community Focus Groups.

If you would like a copy of the final report please email pwilliams@peterborough.ca.

Individual survey data will be kept on a Surveymonkey.com and a secure server for no more than one year and then deleted. All rolled-up/compiled data will be kept on a secure server by Peterborough Police for up to 3 years.

You may also arrange to complete this survey by phone or in person. While this may feel less anonymous than online, no one will ask for identifying information and none will be collected.

To arrange for a phone or in person survey or for more information please contact Peter Williams 705-876-1122 x 290 or pwilliams@peterborough.ca.

This survey will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and will be open until May 6th, 2018.

Next steps in this project will include a series of focus groups and community conversations leading up to the organizing of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to inform the work of the Peterborough Police service. For more information about next steps please contact Peter Williams 705-876-1122 x 290 or pwilliams@peterborough.ca.

* 1. Please indicate where you live

* 2. How long have you lived in in this area?

* 3. If you work or go to school in a different area than you live in, please indicate this below.

* 4. How long have you worked or gone to school in this location?

* 5. What is your main way of getting around?

* 6. Do you consider yourself a visible minority?

* 7. Using the list below please indicate which words you prefer to use to describe yourself. Check all that apply. The list is not comprehensive so there is space to add and/or self identify using your own words.

* 8. How old are you?

The next section is about whether or not you have witnessed an incident motivated by bias, prejudice or hate. Please click next