The Ontario Cycling strategy calls for more coordination of the the cycling sector, and importantly a greater centralization of relationships between cyclists, cycling advocates, the cycling industry, cycling tourism providers and the lead on the strategy, the Ministry of Transportation.

Cycle Ontario (CO) is a private for profit organization that works to promote awareness of on-road riding has created a network of relationships with cyclists, cycle shops, cycle advocacy organizations, tourism offices and cycle tourists.

As an organization that caters to the cycling community, Cycle Ontario is interested in your feedback as it beleives with some capacity improvements and structural re-alignments it can, and should be, the working voice of cyclists in Ontario.

Advantages - the name - it is broad enough to capture all things cycling.
History - CO energed to fill a niche, but a very broad niche and it is looking to expand its capacity to communicate and report on the entire cycling community in Ontario.
Open Door - CO works with all cycling groups and regional or local trip planners, cycle shops and cycling promoters - in this way it works in an inclusive fashion to improve cycling for on-road, off-road, all Regional Tourism Organizations and other cycling stakeholders

We do not claim to have all the answers for cyclists, that is why we crafted this survey.

The CycleON calls for a provincial cycling organization and your answers will tell us our strengths, weaknesses, opportunites and capability in being the single provincial cycling umbrella organization in Ontario. That will only work if you tell us how we can include you through your answers.