1. Welcome to the CurePSP Centers of Care


Thank you for applying to become a CurePSP Center of Care. We hope that this initiative will raise the standard of care for patients with PSP and CBD and allow you to be recognized for your dedication to this cause.

The deadines for completing this application survey are May 30 and November 30  each year. Your application will be reviewed by CurePSP’s Center of Care Steering Committee within three months after submission.
We do not require documentation of the facts that you enter into this application, but you should be prepared to provide that on CurePSP's request at some future date.

For more details on the procedures, upcoming deadlines, and the general concept of the CurePSP Centers of Care, please visit www.psp.org/centers-of-care.

For any further questions or technical issues while completing this survey, please contact Dr. Lawrence Golbe from our Steering Committee at +1 347-294-2871 or golbe@curepsp.org. If you don't receive a separate and personalized confirmation email from CurePSP within one week after submission, please contact Dr. Golbe at golbe@curepsp.org. Keep an electronic copy of all (free text) responses in a Word or other text file in case something goes wrong during the electronic submission process.

Mission of the CurePSP Centers of Care Program:
  • Help patients with PSP and CBD to find the best possible local/regional care they need
  • Increase awareness of PSP and CBD spectrum disorders
    Provide local/regional resources for physicians seeking more information about PSP and CBD
  • Form a network of centers that can serve a base for more intense collaboration improving clinical care, optimizing standards of patient care, and establishing hubs for PSP/CBD clinical and preclinical research.
  • Provide educational material to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals
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