The Fund for Modern Courts, founded in 1955 by concerned citizens, prominent lawyers, and business leaders, is an independent, statewide court reform organization committed to improving the judicial system for all New Yorkers.  Modern Courts strives to improve the administration and quality of justice in our courts.

The new Chief Judge of the State of New York, the Hon. Janet DiFiore, announced an Excellence Initiative in February 2016. As stated on the Office of Court Administration website, “Chief Judge DiFiore wants to hear from members of the public, judges, jurors, litigants, attorneys and court employees.  The Excellence Initiative involves a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of current court processes and procedures to determine what is working well and what needs to be improved.” 

Modern Courts discussed this important initiative with the Office of Court Administration and offered to survey our various email lists, coalitions, board members, business groups, good government groups, law schools, Bar Associations and others – to provide more input for the Chief Judge’s initiative. In this attempt to reach out across the state, we also ask that you share this request with your staff, organization members, email lists and listservs.

If you would prefer to enter comments directly to OCA on its website. 

If you wish to enter comments on our survey, which we will compile and share with the Office of Court Administration, please continue with this brief survey.

Thank you

Denise Kronstadt, Esq.
Deputy Executive Director
Director of Advocacy and Policy
Modern Courts
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* Please fill in the following information/if you wish to be anonymous type "anon" into the boxes. 

* Please describe your place of employment/organization.

* Are you a practicing attorney?

* If so, what are your main areas of practice?

* If you are not an attorney, what is your profession, how does your work involve the NYS court system?

* In which county or counties in New York state do you primarily practice law or work with the courts or litigants? (Check all boxes that apply to you)

* Before which court (s) do you primarily practice? (or in a non-attorney, work/appear) (Check all boxes that apply to you)

* Place your comments and suggestions in the boxes below. Positive feedback and constructive ideas for change or improvement are important to provide, as well, as naming the issue(s). 

Examples : Any aspects of the litigation and administration process, operations, system-wide concerns or those pertaining to a particular court/jurisdiction.  

(Note: The space provided expands as you write - you are not limited to one line!) 

* Can you identify any court procedures or practices that disproportionately or negatively impact poor and low-income New Yorkers because of the way they are administered, managed or implemented?