Welcome to this survey!

The Gwinnett Arts & Creative Economy Master Plan, Create Gwinnett, is underway and we want to hear YOUR voice!  
Create Gwinnett will provide a roadmap for job creation, talent development, and creative enterprise inventory.  It will define Gwinnett’s pathway for regional and national leadership and enhance public infrastructure and place making. Create Gwinnett will help lay the foundation for developing policies for funding, to identify and create an inventory of current resources, and develop priorities for future projects while encouraging a sense of community with residents and stakeholders.  
We need input from community members to make Create Gwinnett a success. Your participation in this 5-10 minute survey will provide invaluable input into where Gwinnett residents are experiencing creativity, how and what creative experiences that you would like more.   
Please note: we realize that Covid-19 has disrupted many cultural participation habits and thus are asking you to consider your responses based on pre-pandemic times and looking towards our post-pandemic future. 
Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey – we appreciate your thoughts and insights.