* 3. List course being evaluated:

* 4. The instructor has made the course syllabus available to students

* 5. The instructor has explained and followed the course grading policy.

* 6. The instructor is knowledgeable of the subject matter.

* 7. The instructor demonstrates genuine teaching concern.

* 8. The instructor uses a variety of teaching methods.

* 9. The instructor is on time for class.

* 10. The instructor makes effective use of class time

* 11. The instructor is adequately prepared for class.

* 12. The instructor is available during scheduled times for individual help.

* 13. The instructor grades fairly and without impartiality.

* 14. The instructor returns papers and other assignments with reasonable promptness.

* 15. The instructor demonstrates a positive attitude toward Reid State Technical College.

* 16. How would you rate this course?

* 17. How would you rate this instructor?

* 18. Please provide any additional comments regarding the course, program and/or instructor.

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