This is the time of year that we honor our outstanding PTSA Volunteers!
Deadline for submissions is midnight, Monday, February 12th, 2018.

Do you know a volunteer who goes “above and beyond” for our kids for our Council?

Each year the Issaquah Council PTSA presents the following awards: the Golden Acorn Award, the Outstanding Advocate Award, and the Outstanding Service Award.

The Golden Acorn Award. The Issaquah PTSA Council honors outstanding volunteer service for children by awarding the Golden Acorn Award annually. The winners of this award are PTA/PTSA members who volunteer in ways that meet the mission of PTA: promoting the health, welfare, safety and education of ALL children and youth in our schools and community.

The Outstanding Advocate Award. Every year the Council honors Outstanding Volunteer Advocacy for children by awarding the Outstanding Advocate Award. This award is, above all, a PTSA award whose winners volunteer in ways that meet the mission of the PTSA: promoting the health, welfare, safety and education of ALL children and youth in the schools and community through active legislative advocacy.

The Outstanding Service Award. Occasionally, but not every year, the Council presents the Outstanding Service Award. This award is presented to a PTA/PTSA member who works for children and youth beyond the bounds of a job, PTA, or a specific school community. This honor goes to a person who has shown concern for all children across the district and who has volunteered his/her time to help them achieve their potential.

All awards are Washington State PTA awards. More information can be found on the Washington State PTA website at

Please consider nominating a special volunteer today. Nominees are scored using a weighted rubric considering volunteer service to their PTSA, the Issaquah Council, the District, and Community.

Award recipients will receive a Washington State PTA certificate, pin, and will be honored at the Issaquah PTSA Council Award Reception on April 4th. A donation will be made in the recipients names to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge our wonderful volunteers!

Evaluations are based on the criteria below.

* 1. Which award are you submitting a nomination for?

* 2. I recommend that the following person receive this award. She/He has demonstrated an outstanding personal commitment to improving the lives of children and youth in the following ways (please be as specific as possible).

* 3. PTA service:

* 4. School volunteer (non-PTA):

* 5. Service district-wide to the school’s community:

* 6. Other community service (non-school/non-PTA):

* 7. Additional Comments (or continued from Sections 3, 4, 5, or 6):

* 8. Please complete in the event we need to contact you for additional information: