Welcome and Consent

Dear Participant,

Thank you for taking the time to review this consent form and participate in this research project.  Your time is valuable and sincerely appreciated.  Below, you will find important information about your rights as a research participant. 


This survey is intended for individuals who are currently applying to graduate school in the healthcare professions or recently completed such applications. Examples include applicants to PA or medical programs, counseling or therapy programs, physical or occupational therapy programs, and other healthcare professions.

Investigators and Contacts:

This research is the work of Dr. Erin Berzins at Antioch University Seattle and Dean Berzins at Augsburg University. You may contact the researchers at eberzins@antioch.edu.   

This research was approved by the Antioch University Seattle Institutional Review Board.  For any questions about your rights as a research participant, you may contact Mark Russell at mrussell@antioch.edu.


You are invited to participate in a study about the financial costs associated with applying to graduate school in the healthcare professions. We would like more information about the role that disposable income might play in the admissions process and the efficacy of applications.


This survey consists of questions related to your application process and the financial costs you may have incurred. We will also be asking you about demographic information.  This survey is expected to take between 20 and 25 minutes.

Risk of Participation:

The risk of participation in this research is believed to be minimal.  You will be asked about your personal experiences, which may cause some emotional discomfort.  You might also experience minor frustration or boredom. 

Benefits of Participation:

There is no direct benefit guaranteed to you as a participant.  There is no financial compensation. A possible benefit for all the field of higher education is information useful to improved application processes.


Your survey will be stored initially with SurveyMonkey.com, protected by a password.  Data will be downloaded onto a personal computer and IP addresses will be immediately deleted from the downloaded file.  You will have the opportunity at the end of this survey to provide your e-mail address for future research. If you with to participate, you will be directed to a separate survey, so that your data will not be associated with your e-mail address.

Results of this survey may be presented in an academic article, submitted for journal publication. Quantitative data, such as demographic information, will be presented in aggregate form. Quotes from qualitative, open-ended questions may be used anonymously, with a pseudonym. 

Participation Rights:

Participation in this survey is voluntary.  No school or other institution is requiring that you participate and there is no penalty for non-participation.  You have the right to quit the survey at any time.

Question Title

* 1. By selecting “agree and proceed” and completing the survey, you are agreeing to participate in this research, as described by the consent document above. If you do not consent, please exit.