Welcome to the Cory-Merrill Safe Routes Public Survey

Denver Safe Routes to School
The Denver Department of Health and the Environment (DDPHE) administers the Denver Safe Routes to School Program. The Cory-Merrill infrastructure project is managed by Denver Public Works in partnership with DDPHE.

Project Background
The Cory-Merrill Safe Routes to School Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project includes future sidewalk construction to fill certain gaps in the Cory-Merrill Neighborhood and bicycle infrastructure along 2.75 miles of Florida Avenue from Race Street to Monaco Parkway. The project is intended to provide better connectivity for people walking, mobility for people biking, and safer routes for students accessing Cory Elementary and Merrill Middle Schools, as well as the broader neighborhood.

Project Timeline
Analysis and design of the prospective bike lanes and sidewalks will occur from May through September 2018. Installation of bike lanes is tentatively planned for mid-summer 2018 and sidewalk construction is tentatively planned for late-2018 or early-2019.

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