Corra Foundation Applicant Survey 2019 

Corra Foundation is committed to ensuring that our grant-making is the best it can be and making the application process as easy as possible.  We want to hear your views and experiences to know if the processes are working.  Can you give us 10-15 minutes to complete this survey. 

The survey is completely anonymous please be honest, we value all feedback.  This will help us to continue to make improvements.

Thank you.

Section 1: Applying to Corra Foundation

Question Title

* Which fund did you apply to?

Question Title

* If yes, what advice did you receive

Section 2: Completing the application 

Question Title

* What type of help did you receive?

Section 3: Responding to your received application  

Question Title

* Which words do you think best describes our approach? (you can tick more than one)

Section 4: Communicating the decision 

Question Title

* What type of feedback did you receive on your application?

Section 5: Reporting to Corra Foundation 

Question Title

* Please select any of the following you think Corra does that helps with reporting.

Question Title

* If yes, what additional support was provided?

Henry Duncan Grants Review   

Question Title

* Thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of the current HDG programme, can you tell us:

a. What do you like about the programme?

Question Title

* b. What don’t you like or what doesn’t work so well?

Question Title

* Do you have any thoughts on how the programme could be changed to better support the needs and opportunities of charities in Scotland today?

Section 6: Final comments or suggestions  

Question Title

* Your comments and feedback is anonymous. 

Please tell us about anything you think we should change about our grant-making processes?

Question Title

* Please tell us anything else you would like to say about our grant-making processes or any other aspect of Corra's work?

All responses are anonymous and will be considered in Corra's ongoing improvements to grant-making processes.

Thank you for completing the survey.