Dear CEOs,

Arthur D. Little is committed to being a Force of Good in these challenging Covid-19 times and we have therefore decided to launch an initiative to help our Clients in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.

We believe that sharing knowledge and connecting our Clients is the best contribution we can make during this crisis.

We propose you to participate in call(s) with CEOs in charge of critical infrastructure who will share best practice experience in managing the Covid-19 crisis. To do that, we ask you to fill out the seven questions below in order to indicate your interest. 
We are targeting the following key industries:
- Telecoms
- Utilities (water, heat & energy supply)
- Transportation (airports, airlines, rails ..)
- Logistic companies supplying critical supplies (medicine, food, critical goods)
We selected multiple CEOs from three countries that are in an extreme situation from which you can have take-aways for your own running initiatives.

- Hong Kong & Singapore: Given their “best practice” performance in anticipating the crisis (because of their previous experience with SARS, mature procedures, cultural aspects, etc.)
- Italy: For their recent experience living a “nightmare scenario” and managing a crisis at its peak, that may happen anywhere (Italy is probably just few days or weeks ahead of your country)
The short survey (two minutes) will help us to identify your interest and we'll therefore be able to coordinate the setup of those calls for next week. Let us know if you are interested in this initiative and we will propose slots where you can participate.

Thank you in advance and stay safe!

Best regards,
Arthur D. Little
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