Welcome to the Natural Heritage Project Survey for Cornwall!

The survey should only take you 7 to 10 minutes to complete.

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The Cornwall-Blooming Grove Natural Heritage Project will result in open space inventories for the Towns of Blooming Grove and Cornwall, and the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson. The inventories will identify and prioritize open spaces that are important to the community. The Project results can be used to inform the comprehensive planning process, as well as educating and engaging the public on issues related to conserving and protecting water resources, farmlands, wildlife habitat, scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. The Natural Heritage Project will build upon the Natural Resource Inventory work already completed in both towns.

This survey will gather public input for the Natural Heritage Project from people who did not attend the public workshop in Cornwall. Your input is critical and will be used to identify common perspectives on priority open space characteristics and geographic areas of special interest.

The Cornwall-Blooming Grove Natural Heritage Project is a partnership between the Hudson Highlands Land Trust and Orange County Land Trust, working with Behan Planning and Design, and the Conservation Advisory Councils of both towns. This Project has been funded in part by a grant from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund through the Hudson River Estuary Program of the State of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.