Update Your School’s Contacts In AISAP’s New Online Portal

You can now edit your school’s contacts directly in AISAP’s new online portal (launched on August 25, 2022).  Please follow these two important steps to access your contacts:

1) REQUIRED SIGN UP PROCEDURE: Everyone must SIGN UP to verify and activate their account information in AISAP’s new online portal. If you haven’t done so already, please CLICK HERE to go to the online portal, then click on the green button at the top to SIGN UP.
  • On the next page- enter your email address and a password (enter the PW you want to use in the new portal)
  • Check your email for the "Welcome to the AISAP Portal" email and click on the Verify link in the middle of the email
  • You will then be automatically logged in to the portal and should be brought directly to your individual profile (top toolbar- My Account>Manage My Profile). In your profile you will need to have selected one of the following Contact Roles in order to gain access to your school’s contacts: Primary Contact, Billing Contact, or Administrative Contact.  
  • After you have reviewed & SAVED your account information as well as your school’s information (top toolbar- My Organization>Manage Organization Info) you can proceed to access & edit your school’s contacts.
2) Accessing Your School’s Contacts (must have already Signed Up and have the required Contact Role designation- see above)- if you are already logged in, then go to the top toolbar and select- My Organization> Manage Organization Contacts. If you are not currently logged in, then CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND UPDATE YOUR SCHOOL’S CONTACTS. Please don’t forget to include other Admission, Marketing & Communication, or Heads of School associates under your school’s membership.

If you need any assistance with your SIGN UP or accessing your school’s contacts then please email Cindy Yancey, Director of Systems, for technical support at coordinator@aisap.org or call us at (203) 421-7051 Extension 107.

Thank you,

Your AISAP support Team