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The C2ER 61st Annual Conference/LMI Institute Annual Forum will be held June 13-16, 2021. The theme this year is The Road Ahead: Using Data to Pave the Way. With this theme, we hope to capture a diverse range of economic and workforce development perspectives that illustrate how your research is thinking towards the future. If this theme resonates with the research you and your colleagues are doing, we hope to hear from you!
Questions Preview:
1) Contact information
2) Are you currently a member of C2ER or the LMI Institute?
3) Are you proposing an individual presentation or panel?
4) Are you proposing to present in-person, virtual, or both?
5) Which session ideas does your proposal relate to? (choose from list)
6) Presentation or panel title
7) Please provide a description of your proposed presentation or panel.
8) Please indicate who else is on your proposed panel (if applicable).
9) Please elaborate on how your proposal relates to the conference theme.
10) How will your proposed presentation or panel use data to inform economic and workforce development researchers?
11) What other information would you like to provide about your proposal?

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* 1. Contact information

Question Title

* 2. Are you currently a member of C2ER or the LMI Institute?