Survey Introduction

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Please help us plan the future of Concord's recreational facilities. Your input is essential!
Concord Recreation is currently updating its 2014 Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan (RFSP), in thanks to funding provided by the Community Preservation Act. The RFSP seeks to understand if Town-owned recreation facilities and programs are currently meeting residents’ recreational needs and provide a plan for future investments and/or implementation based on those community needs. The plan will involve both the evaluation of existing Town-owned facilities (excluding school facilities and National Park spaces) as well as an assessment of future community needs. Recreation Facilities are defined as indoor or outdoor venues, predominantly designed for active and/or passive recreation use.
  • Active Recreation refers to a structured individual or team activity that requires the use of special facilities, courses, fields, or equipment. Examples of active recreation include organized sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis or planned activity sites such as playgrounds, exercise equipment, etc.
  • Passive Recreation refers to recreational activities that do not require prepared facilities like sports fields. Passive recreational activities place minimal stress on a site’s resources. Examples of passive recreation include walking, picnicking, wildlife viewing, nature photography, etc.
Weston & Sampson was contracted to help to develop the Strategic Plan. They will provide professional assessment on the future needs of the community and the evaluation of existing recreation facilities based on public input collected from you through this survey and open house events will provide guidance for future development, redevelopment and maintenance of the town's parks and recreation spaces. This survey will run through mid-April 2023. Thank you for your time!