The Department of Health (DoH) are consulting on a revised version of the WA Complaints Management Policy. They have prepared a number of documents as part of their review. They are seeking feedback on this policy and the associated documents. 
The documents which form the consultation are:
  • Complaints policy (this is mandatory for state health services)
  • Guideline - supporting document to expand on how the implementation of the policy – non-mandatory
  • Toolkit - supporting document including suggested templates for letters and forms – non-mandatory
While some of the documents are long, and seem to be written for a staff audience, at HCC we believe this consultation is an important opportunity to provide feedback to the Department and the system about the experience of consumers, carers and their families when making a complaint about health services.

DoH has developed a number of consultation questions which form this survey. If you or any organisation, committee or group you're part of (such as a CAC/ CAG/ DHAC plans to respond to these questions via your health service, we would value you sending us a copy of your responses, to inform our response.

We are also interested in gathering information about people's experiences of making complaints or providing feedback to health services with the aim of improving services. To provide that feedback, please see this other brief survey.
Pip Brennan, Executive Director, and Clare Mullen, Engagement Manager Health Consumers' Council