Research Project Information (ethics approval number: S/17/1112)

This research project aims to identify the key predictors of compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction within caregivers of people with an acquired brain injury (ABI). We are asking caregivers like you to reflect on your experiences as a caregiver and provide insight regarding both the positive and negative aspects of your experience. This will contribute to our understanding of how to improve caregivers’ quality of life and therefore improve the rehabilitation process of the individual with an ABI.

Primary Investigator Dr Tamara De Regt (Senior Lecturer, Psychology) and Bryony Kitter (Co-investigator).

Please direct questions to: Dr Tamara De Regt

Email:, Phone: 07 5459 4481

Participant experience
You have been invited to take part in this project because you are a primary caregiver for a loved one with an acquired brain injury. If you agree to take part in this review, you will be asked to complete an online survey which will take approximately 25 minutes of your time. The survey will ask about your experiences caregiving for your injured loved one.

Risks and benefits
There is a small risk that you may become upset as you share how you have been feeling lately in the survey. There is also a small risk that you may become upset when thinking about your relationship with the person for whom you provide care. If you do become upset, please discontinue the survey. You may also wish to contact a support service such as Lifeline (Australia phone: 13 11 14) or ABIOS (Australia; a brain injury specific service; phone: 07 3406 2311). Other ABI specific services in your state can be found at If you are completing this survey outside of Australia and become upset, please contact your doctor for information regarding ongoing supports.

While you will not receive any direct benefits for participating, your information will contribute to our understanding of how to improve your quality of life, which will indirectly improve the rehabilitation process of your injured loved one.

Participation and consent
Participation in the review is voluntary, and you may discontinue at any time without penalty. As your survey responses will be non-identifiable, it will not be possible to withdraw your responses after you have submitted them online. Consent will be implied by completion and submission of the survey. Consent is for the use of your results in this project as well as future related research projects.

Confidentiality and results
Your responses to this survey will be completely anonymous, and no member of the research team will know who has participated. If you would like a summary of findings of this research project, please email one of the two contact people above. Non-identifiable results may be presented at external or internal conferences or meetings, or by publication.

Complaints / Concerns
If you have any complaints about the way this research project is being conducted you can raise them with Primary Investigator (Dr Tamara De Regt, email: or if you prefer an independent person, contact the Chairperson of the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University: (c/- the Research Ethics Officer, Office of Research, University of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore DC 4558; telephone (07) 5459 4574; email

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