Survey Introduction

Thank you for taking some time to help the Committee tasked with updating the County’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  The Comp plan serves as a guiding document for the board and County Staff to address land use policy issues affecting all residents of our County.  This survey is an initial step by the Committee to gauge the current state of knowledge about land use policy, opinions on changes to that policy and specifically one of the core issues addressed in our previous land use plan (home density in ag areas), and how to prioritize efforts to encourage and sustain current industries, preserve and protect our County’s natural resources, and gain insight to new opportunities.

This survey does not address all of the issues facing the Committee, County Staff, or Board of Commissioners, but we hope it provides enough to focus the Committee and further sub-committee efforts as they begin drafting the plan.  There will be follow-on surveys, public listening sessions and public hearings to gather further input as the plan is developed.  Once the sub-chapters of the plan are drafted, there will be further opportunity to review and provide feedback before the plan goes through the final approval process.  

If you wish to review the current plan (1998, extended in 2008) or the zoning ordinance, both are linked on the County’s site at:

Completing this survey should take 20-30 minutes.  The data gathered will be used only in aggregate and no personally identifiable information need be provided.  We strongly encourage any and all comments and feedback question by question and in the final comments question.  Thank you for participating.

Question Title

* 1. Do you live, rent, and/or own property in Houston County?

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