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The New Hampshire Access to Justice Commission and the New Hampshire civil legal services programs want to hear from you.

The New Hampshire Access to Justice Commission, which was created by the New Hampshire Supreme Court, is working on a needs assessment. The needs assessment is a research project about the legal needs of people in New Hampshire and their experiences trying to get legal help.

The needs assessment will help improve the legal services provided by the Legal Advice and Referral Center, New Hampshire Legal Assistance, the Pro Bono Program, and the Disability Rights Center-New Hampshire. These organizations help low-income people, older people (age 60 and over), and people with disabilities with civil (non-criminal) legal issues. The services are usually free to people who have low income.

This survey is for low-income people. We hope to hear from many low-income people with different life experiences, including low-income older people (age 60 and over), and low-income people with disabilities. We want to hear about the challenges in your life and your experiences seeking legal services in New Hampshire. This survey has been sent to you to help improve legal services only, and not as an effort to lobby a governmental official, seek funding, or for legislative or rulemaking purposes. To request legal assistance, please contact a legal services organization directly.

We estimate that this survey will take you about 25 minutes. All information will be confidential.

We encourage you to share this survey with family members and friends in New Hampshire. We will learn more if we hear from more people.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Breckie Hayes-Snow, Executive Director, Legal Advice & Referral Center (603-224-3333 or bhayes@larcnh.org). Breckie would be happy to take your answers over the telephone.

Thank you for helping us improve civil legal services in New Hampshire.
As you answer the following questions, please consider your experiences and observations during the last 5 years.

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