Welcome to the Clermont Community Survey!

The Town of Clermont invites you to participate in the Clermont Community Survey. The purpose of this survey is to gauge the opinions of local residents and businesses regarding the quality of life in the immediate Clermont community. This information will help the town think about the future and make decisions about its resources and community engagement.

The Town of Clermont values the opinions of every resident. Please be as specific as possible when answering survey questions. Responses will be collected on an ongoing basis; no end date has been determined as of yet.

Thank you for your opinions!

Question Title

* 1. Clermont was incorporated as a town in 1903. In 1970, UNIGOV consolidated much of Marion County and Indianapolis into one governmental unit. However, a number of cities and towns in the county retained autonomy to varying degrees. Clermont became an "included town" and continues to have its own town council, police department, and ownership of its streets. Did you know all this before the survey?