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The Laramie County Recreation Planning and Advisory Board in coordination with Laramie County have commissioned AVI, a Cheyenne engineering and planning firm to create a master plan and first phase design and construction drawings to facilities at Clear Creek Park in Cheyenne, WY.

The Laramie County Recreation Planning and Advisory Board is a Laramie County appointed Board that oversees Clear Creek Park. Clear Creek Park is maintained by the County but is within the City limits.

The Board has determined that some improvements to the park need to be completed for the public to be able to utilize the park in a safer manner and to make the Park more suitable for bigger events.

The primary improvements identified by the Board for the project include: the demolition and construction of the southern picnic shelter, bathrooms, playground; upgraded road, parking lot, and new amenities (i.e. benches, etc.). Secondary Park improvements may be included if funding is available and will be developed through the planning and open house processes.

The Board has received grants/budgets of $600,000 from the Laramie County Commissioners for the design and construction of the project.

Your ideas and comments are important as they will have a direct impact on the decisions made about what future improvements will occur and what the Park will look like. The primary objectives of this project are the following:

-Develop schematic design and renovation options for the Board’s consideration.

-Create a long term Master Plan drawing for the Board for future improvement considerations.

-Prepare 35% and 95% design documents, construction documents, complete bid documents and provide bidding assistance to select a contractor to construct the Board’s selected option for the renovation.

-Bid and construct improvements within the available funding budget.

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Tentative Schedule