Thank you for participating in the Town of Clarkson's Community Survey! Your input will help shape the update of your community's Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is one of a Town’s most important documents. The Plan defines the community’s vision, establishes goals and policies, and sets a framework for future public and private investments. The Town of Clarkson's existing Comprehensive Plan was adopted over a decade ago in 2005. Since then, shifts in community preferences, resident needs, local markets, demographics, and trends have driven the need to revisit and update the Comprehensive Plan. By doing so, the Town of Clarkson intends to bring the Plan into alignment with the community's present-day vision, needs, and opportunities.

Public input is critical to ensuring that the updated Comprehensive Plan reflects the current vision and values of our community. This Community Survey, which is being released at the very beginning of the update process, aims to collect the community's feedback on key development and investment topics. It is an opportunity for you to provide your input on the Town's future and help shape the drafting of the Comprehensive Plan!
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