Over the past 20 years, Nampa has been experiencing rapid growth. The region is changing, and housing development is quickly replacing what was farmland. Nampa is concerned about ensuring that the values of the citizens of Nampa and the surroundings areas are maintained and preserved. These values include:
-       Preserving safe neighborhoods
-       Traffic mitigation
-       Preservation of agricultural and open space resources
-       Ensuring orderly growth of the city with meaningful input from the

The purpose of this project is to explore the community’s interest in advancing these ideals in the areas adjacent to Nampa by expanding the City of Nampa’s Area of Impact. This project will provide us the opportunity to make necessary changes to the comprehensive plan, future land use map, and specific area plans.

The boundary for the Area of Impact expansion has not yet been determined. Our current comprehensive plan ‘planning boundary’ goes to the Mora Canal, however that planning area does not predetermine where the Area of Impact will ultimately be. We are looking for feedback from the community, County, and stakeholders before we settle on a proposed area.

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