Thank you for your interest in the City's future!

The City of Groton is updating the 2008 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). The POCD is an official document adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission to guide the future of the community.  State statutes require that a POCD not be older than 10 years which is why the City is updating the POCD this year. 

The updated POCD will look 10 to 20 years into the future and will recommend policies and actions that are intended to guide local efforts, enhance the community and improve the quality of life for residents.  While these will just be recommendations, they can make a significant difference in the City in the future.

The POCD will look primarily at the physical development of the City and will likely consider the following topics:

Conservation-Related Topics
Things the City wants to protect or preserve
Natural resources (environment), open space, coastal issues / resources, community character, sustainability, resiliency
Development-Related Topics
How the City wants to guide future growth or change
Business/ economic development (including manufacturing and industrial uses), residential development/ housing needs, Thames Street, Five Corners
Infrastructure-Related Topics
Services or facilities the City needs or wants
Community facilities, vehicular transportation, pedestrian/ bicycle circulation, transit, utility infrastructure

Thank you for offering  your input!