In March of 2019, Moose Jaw City Council approved a motion to create a panel to make recommendations with respect to Council remuneration (financial compensation for their position). The three-person panel has launched a review, which includes public consultation. As part of this consultation is a series of survey questions on the subject of Council remuneration, which you will find below. Any recommendations approved by City Council would take effect following the next Saskatchewan Municipal Election, to be held in November, 2020. 

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* 1. Below is a comparison of five smaller cities in Saskatchewan, including Moose Jaw, with population figures taken from the 2016 Census and 2019 remuneration figures for their respective mayors and councillors.

Lloydminster (Pop. 31,400)
Mayor Salary: $93,600 Councillor Salary: $31,194

Prince Albert (Pop. 35,102)
Mayor Salary: $82,736 Councillor Salary: $27,799

Yorkton (Pop. 16,041)
Mayor Salary: $81,755 Councillor Salary: $24,755

Moose Jaw (Pop. 32,724)
Mayor Salary: $79,108 Councillor Salary: $24,918

Swift Current (Pop. 16,022)
Mayor Salary: $78,649 Councillor Salary: $27,527

Question: Should the compensation for elected officials reflect the size of the municipality in which they govern?

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* 2. Below is a listing of respective total assessed property values of five smaller Saskatchewan cities, including Moose Jaw, as of December 31, 2018.

Lloydminster: $5,143,000,000

Moose Jaw: $5,094,000,000

Prince Albert: $4,004,000,000

Swift Current: $2,493,000,000

Yorkton: $2.381,000,000

Question: Should the tax base of a municipality be considered when determining compensation packages for that municipality's elected officials?

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* 3. Are there any other factors that should be taken into account when determining compensation for elected officials? 

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* 4. The Mayor of Moose Jaw is afforded a vehicle allowance of $100 per month, meant to reflect that the Mayor uses their personal vehicle while representing the City at numerous meetings, community events, obligatory appearances, etc. Do you feel $100 is sufficient for a vehicle allowance?  

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* 5. In 2019 the Saskatchewan government instituted a Parental Leave Policy for politicians. Should the City of Moose Jaw adopt a similar Policy for elected officials?

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* 6. While the Mayor of Moose Jaw is entitled to the same benefits package as other out of scope City employees and is enrolled in the City Pension Plan, City Council members are not. Should this information be taken into account when determining remuneration?

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* 7. Do you have any further thoughts or suggestions as it pertains to remuneration of elected officials in the City of Moose Jaw?