Women's Fund Circles Application 2023

Applications will be accepted from now until August 12, 2022.
We are so excited you are interested in Women’s Fund Circles. Below we’ve included a bit of information about the Women’s Fund, and we also invite you to visit our Circles website to learn more.

This application process is all about YOU! We want to hear your story and learn what brought you to Circles. This relationship goes both ways, and we strive to learn about each other as we move through this process.

We invite you to complete this application in a way that makes sense for you, in your voice. This is not a formal job application, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to respond. We seek to build a diverse membership within Circles and that means considering the whole person, not just what’s on a resume or how you answer when asked “what do you do?”

The application process consists of two parts:
  1. Open-ended questions that help us learn about you.
  2. For those selected to proceed: 30-minute Zoom conversation with members of the Circles Selection Committee.
Our goal is to create an environment in Circles that is affirming, welcoming and rich with diverse experiences. We hope you enjoy this process.

Circles has a shared vision with the Women's Fund of Omaha, a community where all women and girls have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

How We Discuss Gender:
Women and girls includes anyone who identifies as a woman or girl. Our work, including funding and advocacy efforts, is inclusive of all individuals, including transgender and gender expansive people, that experience gender oppression.
Circles Mission statement:
Circles is a diverse network of leaders (women, femmes and gender-expansive individuals) who support the mission of the Women’s Fund. Through Circles, members cultivate authentic relationships and leverage a community that supports and empowers each other.

Circles Inclusion Statement: 
Women’s Fund Circles is intentional about creating a community that builds bold and affirming spaces to create authentic relationships and develop leadership for individuals that face gender-based oppression (this includes cis and trans women as well as nonbinary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.)

Circles members can expect:
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Project work that advances the mission of the Women’s Fund and your own personal passions
  • Relationships that will last well beyond the three years of active membership
  • To serve as an ambassador for women and girls in the community through work with the Women's Fund

Question Title

* 1. Applicant Information:

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* 2. Employment Information (if applicable):

Please limit your responses to 250 words per answer. This does not need to be formal—we’d love to hear your voice and character shine through!

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* 3. How do you spend your days? (e.g. paid occupation, volunteerism, parenting/caretaking, leadership roles, etc.):

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* 4. What are you hoping to get out of your experience with Circles?

The Women’s Fund has four (4) areas of focus/priority:

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* 5. Please select one of these priorities below. The next question will prompt you on how you think this can help women and girls thrive in our community:

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* 6. Now that you have selected the priority/focus area, please share how you think this priority can help women and girls thrive in our community: