Chugach Foothills Park, 7975 Pioneer Drive, Anchorage, AK 99504

The Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Recreation Department wants to hear your feedback on what your dream playground at the Chugach Foothills Park would look like? Please take this short survey to help make this dream neighborhood playground become reality! And if you have kids in your life, please have them take the survey too!

* 1. Do you live or work within the Scenic Foothills Community Council area? Scenic Foothills Community Council area is bounded by Baxter Road on the West, Northern Lights Boulevard on the North, the military reservation on the East, and Tudor Road on the South.

* 2. How many children are you parent or guardian for (aged 17 or younger only)?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. How often do you visit this park (Chugach Foothills Park)?

* 5. Have you, your kids, or those you care-take, used the playground in the Chugach Foothills Park?

* 6. If you do not use this playground, please describe why not?

* 7. If you have used the playground, please tell us what you like about this playground?

* 8. What do you dislike most about this playground?

* 9. Do you like where the current playground is located within the park?

* 10. Which of the following activities do you, or your kids, like to do at a playground? (Click all that apply and rank)

  not important neutral important must have!
Music and/or Sound
Places that are elevated
Sand pits
Digging in dirt
Flower Gardens
Places for art
Different textures
Places that are cozy
Places for science

* 11. Should this new playground have a theme? (Examples: "naturalistic", "animal", or "music" themed).

* 12. If you like the idea of themed playground, please list your top three theme choices.

* 13. Please rank your preferred playground surfacing material (1 being your favorite)?

* 14. What is your favorite playground in Alaska and why?

* 15. What is your favorite playground in the world and why?

* 16. If you could select any play equipment for this park, what would it be?

* 17. Do you have any other suggestions for this park? (It does not have to relate to the playground).

* 18. Thank you for completing this survey! The MOA Parks and Recreation Department will be working with community members to develop a new playground design, which will be constructed in 2018! If you would like to join the Playground Advisory Group, please enter your name and email address and/or phone number below for more information. This group will have its first meeting in November and will likely meet 2-3 times in early winter. Meetings typically last one hour, times will vary depending on availability.

For more information on this project, please contact: Maeve Nevins-Lavtar, Senior Park Planner, Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Recreation Department. Email: NevinsLavtarMV@Muni.Org; Phone: 907-343-4135. Project updates will be posted on the Parks Projects Website:; or by clicking here:
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