CEIA Distinguished Achievement and Excellence Nomination form: The Charles F. Kettering Award

CEIA recognizes distinguished achievement and excellence by annually recognizing educators and employers who have excelled or made significant impact in work-integrated learning.

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The Charles F. Kettering Award (Employer)

Since 1978 the Cooperative Education and Internship Association recognizes an employer from industry, business, or government who provides outstanding resources and service to the cooperative education and internship field.

This award is named after Charles F. Kettering. Kettering was a trustee and benefactor of Antioch College and Research Director of the General Motors Corporation, as well as Chairman of the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation. Long an admirer the values of co-op, he was disappointed with the lack of national attention to co-op’s 50th anniversary celebration and decided to do something about it. From his influential position, he was able to charge the Edison Foundation with the responsibility to focus appropriate attention on co-op. This resulted in a national study of co-op’s values. This study ultimately resulted in the formation of the National Commission for Cooperative Education with the purpose to promote the expansion of cooperative education. Up until Kettering’s involvement, any professional group in the field was not promoting co-op expansion.

Therefore, in a significant way, Kettering’s intervention set into motion a new era in co-op, an era in which major efforts were undertaken to expand co-op to institutions throughout the country. Eventually these endeavors resulted in Title Vlll federal funding.