Dear Cass County Community Member,
Cass County has engaged Management Partners, a consulting firm that works with local governments throughout the country, to facilitate a five-year strategic plan. Because your opinion is valued, Management Partners is conducting a community survey to gather feedback and input from members of the Cass County community.

Strategic planning, as illustrated in the graphic below, involves establishing a vision for the future; a clear mission; articulating the organization’s values;  establishing goals; identifying priority strategies and critical success factors; and creating an action plan to ensure timely results.

We would appreciate receiving your input about Cass County strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, as well as your feedback about a vision and mission statement, and values as we begin the strategic planning process. This survey will allow you to share your opinions and ideas, and will help the County Commissioners, other elected officials, and the County staff understand what is most important to residents, property owners, businesses, board and commission members, and other stakeholders.

Your response will be anonymous. The survey will only take about fifteen minutes to complete. Management Partners will prepare a summary of key themes from survey respondents and no answers will be directly identified with any individual who completes the survey.

Please complete this survey by Monday, January 15, 2018. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Sam Lieberman at
If you are completing a hard copy version of the survey, please return it by mail to:
Management Partners c/o Sam Lieberman
1730 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
Thank you for your participation and ideas about this important matter.

Bob Ziliak, Chairman
Cass County Board of Commissioners