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Why Submit a Report?

NACVA provides an opportunity for members to have their business valuation reports peer reviewed through its Case Analysis by webinar (CAW) or phone/in-person (CAP) program. The program convenes five to eight members to review a report submitted by a member and provide constructive feedback. Submitters of reports often use this feedback to polish their report prior to presenting it to a client. If submitted for review after the fact, submitters use this feedback to see how they could have improved the quality of their work. Members reviewing the report hone their skills by getting exposed to others work product and being challenged to identify both its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, this is one of NACVA’s best training experiences, and considered core training for the organization. Participation is highly recommended to all members, but particularly those new to the profession.

Benefits From Submitting a Report

We strongly encourage members to submit reports because this process, from a learning perspective, is so vital to the entire membership. For submitting a report for a one-time use in a CAW/CAP session, you will receive some generous benefits: 1) You can attend the first Case Analysis session for free where your report is being reviewed; 2) You will receive a voucher for 50% off to attend NACVA’s five-part webinar series entitled “Report Writing: Review and Analysis” (RW) (awards 10-hours CPE). Note: both the Case Analysis and RW program award bonus points to go towards recertification; 3) If you agree to let us use your sanitized report (see below) in multiple future Case Analysis sessions and include it in our Reports Library, we give you a voucher to attend RW for free, and we will pay you $1.00 for each person who sees your report over the term of four years (its estimated useful life). That may not sound like a lot of money but it adds up over the years the report is in use and typically accrues to well over $2,000. Plus, you will be supporting the community in a very meaningful way. Note: not all reports are brought in to our library. (If a report remains in the library over four years, no royalties are paid because, generally speaking, the report’s age limits its usefulness.)

Sanitizing Your Report

If you wish to submit a report, please complete the information below and submit this form along with your sanitized report. To “sanitize”, you need to black-out, X-out, or insert fictitious information to any information or data within your report that would make it possible for anyone reviewing the report to identify you or your client for whom the report was prepared or business that it is the subject of.


Finally, if you participate in a session where your report is reviewed, you will not be identified as its author. Additionally, the group reviewing the report is required to complete what is called a Case Analysis Review (CAR) report summarizing the conclusions of their review. You will receive a copy of this report the first time your report is reviewed.

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* NACVA (may or may not) use my sanitized report for more than one CAP session and place it in NACVA’s business valuation reports library (for which submitter will receive a royalty fee if permission is given and your report is selected for further use). CAP sessions are held via telephone, virtual, or in-person at a State Chapter meeting, conference, or training event.