Survey Overview

Please help us identify narrative change efforts across the care economy by completing this survey. In this survey, we will ask you about your own grantmaking (if you have any), other funders working in this space, and narrative change projects that you are aware of. 

Your response will be used to help inform a searchable table of projects and publications and short summary of findings. The data you provide in this survey will not be publicly shared without permission.

Responses are due no later than February 24, 2023.
With support from the Care for All with Respect and Equity (CARE) Fund, a group of six philanthropy support organizations (PSOs) – Asset Funders Network, Economic Opportunity Funders, Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, Grantmakers In Aging, Grantmakers In Health, and Disability & Philanthropy Forum – have agreed to collaborate to develop a national landscape analysis of narrative change efforts across the care economy, including child care and early learning, paid family and medical leave, and long- term services and supports for older adults and people with disabilities, with a focus on users of care, paid care workers, and unpaid family and friend caregivers.

To determine the scope for this project, we leveraged existing best practices, research, and resources from Convergence Partnership and Pop Culture Collaborative.

For the purposes of this project, we define narrative change efforts as those that:
  • Have a long-term timeline
  • Focus on creating a new environment that supports making ambitious changes
  • Are led by everyday narrators, long-term strategists, and organizers
  • Elevate, establish, and share new values
  • Help shape storytelling across all social change strategies, including building on strategic communications efforts tied to specific care policies
  • Shift narratives in the three segments of the narrative power building ecosystem: mass media, mass culture, and mass movements
We will also examine strategic communications efforts that support longer term narrative change. For the purposes of this project, we define strategic communications efforts as those that:
  • Have a short-term timeline of six months to three years
  • Connect to public policy fights
  • Are led by communications experts, content creators, and message researchers
  • Ground their work in currently shared values
  • Embody one social change strategy among several others
Final products may include a searchable table of projects and publications, short summary of findings with data visualizations, and a national webinar to share the project findings.

Learn more about this project here.