Welcome to the Caltrans Bay Area Bike Highway Study Survey!

Caltrans Bay Area wants your input on which features will make bike highways safe and easy for you to use! Share your feedback by taking our short survey, which will ask about your bicycling habits, as well as what makes you feel comfortable while bicycling. All questions are optional.

Caltrans Bay Area is evaluating the implementation of bike highways in the Bay Area. While there is no agreed-upon definition of a bike highway in California, Caltrans Bay Area is defining bike highways as bicycle facilities that:

● Allow for long-distance bicycle travel
● Enable uninterrupted bicycle travel (e.g. few stoplights or intersection crossings)
● Reduce physical barriers to destinations that people want to travel to and from

These facilities may include a mix of bike paths on existing streets and fully-separated trails. They will be designed to accommodate people of all ages and bike-riding abilities, as well as people walking and rolling (such as using mobility devices or on electric scooters and skateboards), where possible. For the purpose of this Study, Caltrans will evaluate bike highways that are parallel to State Highways.

For project updates and additional information, visit d4bikehighwaystudy.org

Question Title

* 1. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, how often did you get around by bike or other forms of micromobility (i.e., electric bicycles, electric scooters, skateboards, etc.)?

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