We invite your company to apply for 2019 CalCIMA Excellence in Safety Awards.  The awards strive to recognize the best in what is happening at members’ mining, manufacturing, and concrete operations.  There are several award categories.

Mine/Plant Award Categories:
Aggregate (large & small operations)
Ready Mixed Concrete
Industrial Mineral
Mine Contractor

Individual Award Categories:
Outstanding Safety Leadership Award (for personnel and managers)
Safety Professional Award (for safety managers) 

The awards are premised on the idea that operators are constantly striving to improve safety, often in ways that are not readily evident through traditional statistics.   As such, the application is a narrative one that allows companies to best describe what is happening in their operations to improve safety and its impact.   

In essence, your mine or plant has had good safety improvement or performance; so, tell the judges the story about how that was achieved.  Let them know what precipitated a change, what obstacles were overcome, what changes were made, how different levels of the company helped achieve the improvement, and how it has worked.  Be specific on achievements, and illustrate them to the extent possible.   

You may fill out as many applications as you please, but there should be one application per mine, plant, or individual. This means one application cannot cover several mines, plants, or individuals. The intention is that each application is unique, and provides individualized information about how that mine, plant, or individual achieved a commendable safety performance.

Award applications are due Sept. 13, 2019. Award presentations will be at the 2019 CalCIMA Education Conference, Nov. 17-20 at Silverado Resort in Napa. 

Please email attachments and photos to Courtney Orozco at corozco@calcima.org.

We look forward to your applications.  Please let us know if you have questions. 

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