Introduction and Instructions

This observation tool is one method we can use to gain knowledge about the current level of skill and knowledge about inclusion, as demonstrated by our Direct Support Professionals.  We plan to use this data as a basis for future staff development and also for staff evaluation.
You may use a paper copy of this tool for taking notes, but all responses must be submitted electronically (i.e. you must type your responses directly into SurveyMonkey).

Each observation should last at least 30 minutes.  When you arrive at the observation site, first listen and watch for 5-10 minutes, making no judgments.  Then reflect on what you observed (and what you continue to observe) using this tool.

Rate the performance of the staff being observed on each skill statement on the following pages.  For any question where you cannot observe the staff's skills due to the setting, simply choose the last option, "No opportunity to observe in this setting."

Many settings will have multiple staff present.  Please focus on one staff only.  If you are observing multiple staff, please complete a new survey for each staff. 

At the end of your observation, please talk briefly with the staff and provide him/her with information about completing his/her part of the survey, which must be done within 24 hours.